For The Consumer

FOR THE CONSUMER we provide authenticity in a very murky market.

On your next trip to the supermarket, have a look at the variety of olive oils on the shelves. There you will find olive oils from different parts of the world, with varying prices ranges and bottle types. Can you believe what it written on the label?

Unfortunately and sadly, NO.

Any internet search on olive oil will uncover some very disturbing news; the majority of the oil in the bottle is not what is stated on the label.

So, for the farmer who is actually doing a great job and is producing high quality olive oil, how can they compete when the bottle next to them could be a bottle with mixed oils (e.g. not 100% olive oil)?

This is where Revalue It comes in. We want you, the conscious consumer, to be able to see exactly what is in the bottle you are holding. We connect you to the farmer, to the history of the farm, to the timeline of the oil you are holding, to the analysis results and taste profile of the oil.

Now you, the consumer, can decide whether to buy the oil, and in doing so, you are voting for regenerative practices and for honouring the farmer for the work they have done to provide you with a healthy olive oil. 

It is a powerful vote. It is a vote that says yes to quality oil, to health impact, to honour the farmer, and to assist with tackling climate change.

Finally, we also provide the service to the doctor or practitioner who will prescribe olive oil as a dietary supplement. Here, the educated doctor will have an easy way of finding which oil is best for their patient.

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