For The Environment

FOR THE ENVIRONMENT we offer various benefits.

Did you know that olive trees are the largest permanent crop on the planet? It covers 11.6 million hectares of land surface!

If we were to take this land and use regenerative farming practices, we would have the  Carbon sequestration potential (taking carbon from the atmosphere (CO2) and sink it into the soil (C)) of 1.2 Billion Tons over a 5 year period.

Our proven regenerative farming practices are able to sink large amounts of atmospheric carbon into the soil, while increasing biodiversity and water capture, all through working with the soil.

The benefits don’t stop there. As we don’t use industrial chemicals, we are also keeping our water clean, and as we sink more water into the soil, more water becomes available to others further afield.

Our aim is to increase the carbon sequestration beyond what a normally operated farm is currently doing by 3-10 fold, so as to remove as much carbon out of the atmosphere, and offer greater financial rewards to the farmer.

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