For The Farmer

FOR OLIVE FARMERS, PRODUCERS and BRANDS, we provide an all-in-one solution.

Our proven techniques, techniques that have given one of clients the WORLD RECORD as the healthiest olive oil (proven scientifically) five years in a row running. Actually, we have not just broken the world record, but we have pushed the potency well beyond what was thought possible. It is these same techniques that we share with olive grove farmers. Our aim is to increase the quality of olive oil so as to provide a different price point to the farmer, while also offering health benefits to the consumer; a win-win situation.

Farmers learn how to use regenerative farming practices which will minimise their workload, segnificantly reduce the amount of water needed, increase their biodiversity on the land, and offer them more understanding on the systemic nature of their farm.

Meanwhile, their oil quality will increase, and with our independent certification system, we can prove the health benefits that the particular oil has. 

Additionally, our traceability system is offers the farmers the ability to know where their oil has gone since leaving the farm, through to which retail outlet it is on. This offers the benefit of proving the quality of the oil in case it is ever questioned, while also being able to recall the oil in the event there is an issue.

This leads us to our next point; we assist in keeping the quality of the olive oil for longer, while also increasing value through branding and export advice. Not all bottles are created equal, and if you aim to export, we are experienced in exporting internationally.

At Revalue It, our aim is to revalue what it means to be a farmer. Farmers offer so many benefits to humility, from health benefits, to keeping the biodiversity on the land (making homes for many plants and creatures) and capturing water (in the soil). Our primary focus when we revalue the farmer is to prove that the regenerative  farming practices are actually capturing carbon from the atmosphere and placing in where it belongs, in the soil. 

When farmers sink carbon in the soil, they are helping to reduce the effects of climate change, and we aim to reward them for this by using the carbon credit scheme. What this means is that as we prove that the farm is sinking carbon, we provide the opportunity for the farm to be paid for this service.

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