Welcome to Revalue It!


Our mission is to verify, trace, and restore trust in food products and revalue the work of farmers who use sustainable practices. Starting with olive grove farmers, our endeavour is to help farmers to transition to carbon positive farming, develop resiliency to climate change and validate the services they provide to humanity, and overall tackle climate change one farm at a time.


Our goal is to provide the consumers with non-corruptible quality assurance of the olive oil that they purchase/consume, while also aiding the farmers in regenerative practices, increased quality and export assistance for their olive oil.

Revalue It takes its origin from many years of experience in the olive industry including creating a regenerative olive grove from scratch that has managed to produce, for the last 5 consecutive years, world records for the ‘world’s healthiest olive oil’, far exceeding what was originally possible.

During this period, we soon realised how much fraudulent olive oil exists presently in the global market, and have seen how farmers producing high quality olive oil are competing in an unfair market, therefore we decided to create a system to tackle this; from this, Revalue It was born.

We want to bring the trust back!

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