The Service


An All-Inclusive Integrated System

For the Olive Oil Consumer


All the consumer has just to do is to scan the QR code on the bottle!

This will lead them to the producer’s page where they will be able to access all the information about the oil:

Where the olives came from, when it was harvested, when it was milled, when it was shipped to their favorite shop.

They get to know their farmer!

organic farmer


         In addition, the consumer has access to all the analysis conducted, and what it means. The analyses are conducted from samples taken from bottles (purchased by us directly) from the shops; this will tell them all about the quality of the product.


The olive oil is guaranteed to be Extra Virgin, and we also tell them about it’s flavor profile and all about its specific health properties by

guaranteeing its phenolic and nutrient content.

But we don’t stop there.

We also test for chemical and pesticides residues, making sure what is in the bottle is truly organic and super-healthy!

How about what the farm is doing to help the environment?

Yes, we also tell them about the carbon and water footprint of the oil and its effects on the environment.

earth care     carbin sinkingbiodiversitywater footprint

They get full transparency!

Our traceability and data input methods are done on a trust-less network, powered by blockchain protocols. This way our data is immutable (it can’t be tampered with). Learn more here.

For the Olive Oil Brands


 Education and Know-How 
We provide producers with our proven expertise at every stage of their production process. We follow them and help them make the best possible product, while positively contributing to the environment and their community.

Our own experience in farming makes it vital for us to make sure that all of the farmer’s efforts and dedications are recognised and rewarded!



regenerative agriculture

 Regenerative Agriculture
We help producers manage their farm like a productive, thriving Agro-Ecosystem; this lowers their production costs, diversifies their income, increases the quality and value of their product, and get them ready to face climate change issues.



best practices

Best Practices   
We help producers to use best practices for their harvest, milling, bottling, waste valorisation and energy use.



 Branding, Distribution and Export
We help producers to brand their product(s) in the most effective way, and we do all the export necessary registrations while connecting them to our distributor network.




 Satellite Data
Our system uses state of the art satellite imagery to help producers with:
Smart Crop Management (irrigation, disease, pest management, deficiencies)
Carbon Measurements in soils and plants; farmers are at front line of climate change remediation – their farms can sink in an incredible amount of carbon – a value that has not yet been considered by farmers, and the global community.

We are here to make sure this value is financially rewarding for the farmer! We do so by certifying the amount of carbon sequestration that allows them to participate in rewards through through Carbon credit platforms.




We analyse the olive oil taken from bottles we purchase form retailers’ shelves.

With this, we are able to to provide independent, fully trustable certification in:


Ultra Premium, High Phenolic Extra Virgin, Extra Virgin

Health benefits:

(EU health claim 432/2012) Full Phenols analysis + squalene, vitamin E, masilinic, eleonolic acids etc…

Organoleptic profile:

Flavor palette, free of defective tastes


Chemical and pesticide residues

Environmental Impacts:

Carbon sequestration and total carbon footprint

Water footprint

Impact on Biodiversity

Social responsibility




 Consumer Relationship
Our system allows producers to build relationships with their consumers based on trust and loyalty. Consumers know the full story of the olive oil by reading the producer’s personal product page; consumers will be educated on the particularity of the oil, its health benefits, and on the beneficial impact the farm has on the planet!




Blockchain Traceability
Our traceability system is based on a blockchain network which is a non-corruptible database.

Producers are able to trace the product wherever it goes;  they are able to trace their oil until it reaches the supermarket!

Consumers, on the other hand, are able to see all the data from the various labs as well as the travel of the product, knowing when and where the olives were picked, through to when it arrived at the supermarket they bought the olive oil from.